Cascade Computing AB
Argongatan 30
SE-431 53 Mölndal
T: +46 31 84 08 70
F: +46 31 84 67 37

Company Profile

Cascade works as a VAR in Sweden and Denmark. There are offices in three places in Sweden: Lulea; Stockholm and Gothenburg. In Denmark Cascade has an office in Copenhagen. The main CAD/CAM products are MEDUSA, Pro/ENGINEER; CADDS5; Pro/Desktop. Cascade has developed a building and a mechanical product based on MEDUSA: MEDUSA-Builder and Cascade-Mechanical. Cascade have two more businessareas: Interactiv information and 3D modelling technics (3D scanning, advanced 3D modelling and surfacing). 3D-factory is a working concept from Cascade. In all this two areas Cascade provide customization, consultance and training.